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Mr. Dinesh Jotwani – Co-managing Partner at Jotwani Associates

Dinesh Jotwani is a distinguished lawyer with over 25 years of experience specializing in intellectual property rights (IPR), cyber law, and corporate law. He is currently the co-managing partner at Jotwani Associates LLP, a multi-specialist law firm based in New Delhi, India. His firm provides a wide range of legal services, including government relations, real estate, litigation, and immigration, among others.

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Mr. Jotwani’s educational background includes a BA in Economics from the University of Delhi and an LLB from the same institution. He also holds a postgraduate degree in IT and software development from NIIT. Throughout his career, Jotwani has worked with several renowned technology companies, such as Microsoft, Symantec, and NCR Corporation, gaining substantial expertise in both legal and technological domains​​.

In addition to his practice, Mr. Jotwani has contributed to legal scholarship by authoring the book “Interface between Competition Law and IPRs: A Global Perspective.” He holds two US patents related to e-discovery processes used in litigation and investigation​​.

Mr. Jotwani has a strong presence in the legal community and has held executive positions in various trade coalitions, including the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry and the Business Software Alliance. His extensive experience and contributions to the field have made him a respected figure in both national and international legal circles.


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