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Is Bitcoin Legal In India?

Yes, owning and trading Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies is 100% legal in India as of 2024. This particular topic has been talked about a lot in India in recent times because there have been some laws, rules, and regulations in the last few years or so regarding Bitcoin. And if you want to know the current legal state of Bitcoin in India, then just keep on reading this post, and you’ll find out. Here we go.


A Brief Look at Bitcoin’s Journey in India

Bitcoin, today one of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies, has had quite a story right here in India. initially greeted with skepticism, its introduction echoed widespread concerns similar to those globally about cryptocurrencies. Back then, people were so into the higher price fluctuation of Bitcoin, potentially seeking higher returns on investment, and that’s precisely what got Bitcoin popular, not just in India, but all around the globe.

What’s the Law About Bitcoin in India?

The legal environment regarding Bitcoin in India has undergone a huge change. The RBI had, for the first time, issued warnings in 2017 and 2018, and later, it even prohibited banks from dealing with them, causing considerable disruptions in the follow-up. In 2020, however, the Supreme Court lifted up this ban, and the market for cryptocurrency was again opened up. In 2021, the government’s discussions about the Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill showed an effort to strike a balance between regulating and nurturing growth. The last years have also seen many tax regulations taxing cryptocurrency heavily, indicating a movement toward higher acceptance without recognition as a legal means of payment.

The Current State of Bitcoin Regulations

Currently, Bitcoin finds itself in a regulatory gray area in India. That makes its investment in the cryptocurrency gray market, investors are facing a 30% tax on their gains, along with a 1% tax at source deducted on transactions. This framework represents the government’s intentions in such a way that the authorities shall control the field quite carefully without hindering the possibilities of its development.

How Legal Rules Affect Bitcoin Trading and Investments

The existing legal framework significantly affects both investors and businesses involved with Bitcoin.  The continued uncertainty, with changing regulations, has only made the market volatile yet full of opportunities. Sure, rapid adjustment will be required with these new legal requirements from businesses dealing with the world of cryptocurrencies. Many Indian crypto exchanges have had to fight through the fluctuating legal environment. For instance, the 2018 banking service ban forced many to close or organize their business models.


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