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Is Car Wrapping Legal In India?

The short and simple answer to your question is Yes, car wrapping is legal in India, but not like you think it is. There is a specific rule you must follow in order to have your car wrapped in vinyl film. And that rule is to make sure that the wrapping you choose must match the color of your car, otherwise, it will be counted as an illegal modification and you can be charged a huge fine for that. Let’s understand this whole car wrapping thing in a better way, shall we?

 Car Wrapping

First Of All, What Exactly Is Car Wrapping?

Car wrapping means covering your car with a vinyl film to change how it looks. This film comes in different colors and textures, letting car owners change the style of their vehicles without making permanent changes. Car wraps serve more than just the fashionable role; they protect the paint job from scratches and dirt.

Legal Overview of Car Wrapping in India

See, in India, you are allowed to wrap your car if the color of the vinyl wrap is the same as the color noted on your vehicle’s registration certificate. It’s an important rule to follow, failure to observe it will bring with it legal penalties that may involve fines or even having your car seized by the authorities.

Regulatory Considerations

According to India’s Motor Vehicle Act, none of the details of the vehicle, as originally registered, can be altered unless specifically authorized. This includes wrapping the car too. If your vehicle is wrapped in a different color from that which it is registered, you are likely going to break the law. Always ensure the color of the wrap matches the one registered in the certificate to avoid a date with the long arm of the law.

Practical Implications of Car Wrapping

In case you decide to wrap your car, then you should inform your insurance company of this change. There are insurers who may raise your premium because the wrap can be seen as increasing the value of your car. Also, in the eventuality that police stop you, you may have to prove that the wrap on your car is uniform with the details of registration so that you prove your car has not undergone modifications illegally.

How to Legally Wrap Your Car Right Here In India?

To legally wrap your car, follow these steps:

  • Choose vinyl wrapping that matches the color of the registration certificate.
  • And yes, it is always a great idea to have some pros do the wrapping to ensure that everything meets the legal requirements.
  • After wrapping, keep records of the modification and inform your local RTO (Regional Transport Office) if necessary, to update your vehicle’s records.


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