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Is Chiropractic Legal in India?

On social media platforms, chiropractic care is going super viral these days, especially in India. Of course, looking at a chiropractor at work seems satisfying and it looks like they can heal your joint and spine pain issues, but is that the case? You may have heard people say that this profession is not regularized or legal in many parts of the world, but what’s the situation in India? Well, that’s what we are about to find out, so let’s get going now.


First Of All, What Exactly Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a type of health care service without using any surgery or medication in the entire domain. Chiropractic care is only dependent on fixing problems with the structure of the body, mainly the spine, and this is done using hands-on techniques. Chiropractors are the people who perform adjustments for the spine, joints, and muscles to help the body align correctly to have the least pain and naturally heal.

So What’s The Legal Status of Chiropractic in India

Of course, even in India, chiropractic is legalized. There are no strict rules or official recognition of such a profession like in the US or Canada. Chiropractors need licenses, and they have to follow some rules and regulations over there. The situation in India offers some difficulties and other kinds of opportunities for growth in health.

Regulatory Framework and Challenges

In general, a chiropractor is a person who passes heavy exams and gets a license, so they have professional skills. In India, standards for this profession have just started being set. The Indian Association of Chiropractic Doctors (IACD) is trying to set standards. As there are no specific courses for education and licensing in both fields, almost everybody will legally be able to call themselves a chiropractor. Accordingly, the services provided will not be anywhere close to the same.

Risks and Public Perception

On the same note, seeing an unlicensed chiropractor is, therefore, very dangerous, since they operate without strict rules, and there are even reports of treatments gone wrong. Such generalization and summarizing of the research details in social media have brought most of the people in India to take chiropractic care for their long-term pain and connected issues with bones and muscles, the cause being compelling success narratives from others and in social media. This mix of doubt and trust affects what people think about chiropractic care in India.

The Role of Qualified Chiropractors

However, in the face of those difficulties, India has some chiropractors who are as trained as any from abroad and who are at par with international standards. The IACD points to approaching such experts to ensure a person gets safe and effective treatment. This will be through stringent criteria of practice in India, which are likely to be ushered with educational programs.

Final Thoughts

All in all, sure, chiropractic care is legal in India, but before seeing or paying a visit to a chiropractor yourself, you must check out the background and training of the chiropractor first. And it is better to take recommendations because it is true that there are some cases when this whole chiropractic care thing has gone wrong.


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