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Is Drone Delivery Legal in India?

You may have heard somewhere that soon there will be drones delivering stuff to your home that you ordered online, right? But that might have got you thinking: is drone delivery really legal in India? Well, the short and sweet answer is Yes, but it is only for private players, not for everyone. Let’s understand it in a better way by diving a bit deeper.

Drone Delivery

What Are The Legal Rules for Using Drones to Deliver in India?

Taking steps in the updating of how deliveries are done, the Indian government, through the Ministry of Civil Aviation, has come up with a detailed set of rules for the use of drones. The 2021 Drone Rules brought in some big changes and gave the go-ahead to companies for the use of drones in deliveries if the companies comply with those rules. With Drone (Amendment) Rules, 2022, everything was made much easier for use in businesses. They include everything from the registration of the intended drone to be used, how it shall be flown, securing appropriate certificates, and assuring that flights conducted are safe and up to standard.

Hurdles and Limits

With such clearly defined rules, beginning drone deliveries in India is no easy task. Some, like Swiggy, are testing drone deliveries, perhaps to see whether they can be viable. But big hurdles remain, including rules that say drones must stay within sight of the operator, limiting the distance they can fly and how extensively they can be used for business. This is one of the big things that is ahead: the understanding of how to fly drones safely amongst people in crowded areas and the absence of robust drone infrastructures.

What’s Next for Drone Deliveries in India?

The drone industry in India is at a turning point, with the government’s incentive scheme boosting drone manufacturing. The industry is expected to be significant in 2025 and 2030. All the same, the efforts regarding drone deliveries are predicted to rely on formidable challenges in laws and practicability of the methods, let alone how practical or cost-effective to implement the change of using drones for delivery against what is currently being done otherwise. Governments’ policies include the National Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) Policy and the National Logistics Policy of 2022, among many others that are also fundamental in making the drone system smooth to enhance delivery across the country.

Examples and Test Runs

In fact, many companies have been testing drone deliveries, with Garuda Aerospace having shown what’s possible within the current rules. These tests are important for understanding the work of a drone-based delivery service in real life, thus getting to know what needs to be changed in the rules and ways to solve logistic problems. An important step, but approval, including permission to fly drones out of sight of the operator, is proceeding at a good pace. It shows the attention is now on being safely within the rules, not quickly into a new technology.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for now. See, drone delivery is a thing that can have huge announcements and changes in the coming few years or so. That means we all can hope for something good in the future.


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