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Is Flying Kite Illegal In India?

See, as per the law, Yes, flying kites is illegal in India. But you see, here in India, flying a kite is more than a hobby, it is an important part of our culture. During Makar Sankranti and Independence Day-type festivity days, thousands of kites can be seen up in the sky. It has been part of our tradition for years. In many places in India, flying kites is a way to express freedom and happiness. It shows a strong cultural bond that connects people of all ages and religions.

Flying Kite

What Law Is There Regarding Kite Flying In India?

Speaking of specific laws, flying kites in India at some times points to the Aircraft Act of 1934. This law was made to control the airplanes to keep the skies safe, and surprisingly, it counts the number of kites as part of the aircraft. Technically, this would mean that one needed a permit to fly a kite. However, this rule is not usually enforced, and the law is more about keeping people safe than stopping them from enjoying their culture.

Though, in 2008, this Aircraft Act was updated to include stricter penalties for unsafe flying, which could also affect kite flying if it is dangerous. Legal experts feel that although the law takes kites to be aircraft, the law does not intend for people to desist from flying kites. It wants to ensure that when done, it should be carried out in a safe environment. This is an interesting point for the people who take part in the kite flying competition during festivals and cultural events.

Court Decisions and Rulings

The Delhi High Court has helped make some things clear about what you can do in regard to kite flying. This same opinion was shared, holding that the flying of kites is a cultural activity and should not be banned outright. The court recognized that it’s important to maintain traditions but, at the same time, ensure safety for everyone. It is very important to continue with the cultural activities, but at the same time, safety should also be ensured. They suggested controlling dangerous kite strings instead of stopping kite flying altogether.

And yes, safety is where huge concern is drawn, more so, with the kind of string used on kites. Some of them are extremely sharp, which may even result in cutting people, or it’s as grievous as causing death. The government has banned a very dangerous type of string called Chinese manjha. Further elaborating on the occasion, it said that police were keeping a track of how kite strings were being sold and used in order to avoid such accidents and make kite flying a pleasurable sport for everyone.


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