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Is Keeping Parrot Legal in India?

Many people in India love parrots for their bright colors and ability to mimic sounds. However, if you are thinking of having one as a pet, there are many considerations to think over, particularly on the law and what is right for these birds. This post will make it clear to you what the rules say about having parrots at home. Now, someone could be considering a purchase of this bird, or perhaps his or her mind is just idly wandering on the rules of wildlife and the very idea of conservation, for he or she might as well get to know the details of owning a parrot in that matter in India. Let’s get going then, shall we?

Keeping Parrot

Legal Rules In India Regarding Keeping A Parrot As A Pet

Legal Rules In India, it is specifically written whether you could have one as a pet in the provisions provided under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, protecting it from capture. This is broadly written for many types of parrots and other types of parakeets, making it illegal to have them for the pet trade. This is part of the reason why India is really trying to take care of its wildlife by preventing such species from being lost due to, for instance, loss of homes, or illegal trading due to actions by humans.

Rules in Different States and What’s Being Done

For example, a man who is going to keep a parrot needs to get a license, which will guarantee that the living conditions of the parrot are normal. In 2015, a place was busted in Maharashtra, where more than 100 parrots were bred for commercial selling. This reflects how seriously the different parts of the country are taking the initiative to stop and ban the illegal buying and owning of this species for protection.

What It Means Legally to Own a Parrot

Living with a parrot is like living with some legal agreement made with the government. You’re supposed to have a license indicating how the parrot will be taken care of, where it lives, what it eats, and health care. Not following these rules can result in fines, legal trouble, and even losing the parrot. This is yet a clear demonstration that parrot owners have the big responsibility of ensuring that their pets are in good hands and at the same time observe the laws of conservation.

West Bengal’s Approach

Going a bit further, West Bengal is planning a ban on the maintenance of Indian bird species as pets, keeping in mind the protection of native wildlife. They would only permit foreign bird species by following stringent rules that included the requirement of purchasing a breeding license costing a fortune. This shows how different areas in India have their own ways of protecting birds and stopping the illegal pet trade.

Final Thoughts

In the end, all we can say is that Yes, keeping a parrot in India is legal, but there are many strings attached to it. Like, there are a lot of rules and regulations under the Wildlife Protection Act, so be aware of that just to be in the safe zone.


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