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Is Weed Legal In India?

Simply put, the recreational use of weed is prohibited in India. And let’s say, if any person is found possessing weed in India, then he/she can be charged with a fine under the NDPS Act. Sure, the fine amount may differ based on the quantity of weed found in that person. Let’s say, you are found with a huge quantity of weed in India, then there also you will have to see jail time as well. If you want more info about the laws regarding weed in India, then keep on reading. Here we go.

In the Indian historical and cultural context, cannabis, with local names such as bhang, ganja, and charas, is very important for both Indian religious and cultural traditions. It features prominently in Hindu religious practices, mainly during major festivals like Holi and Shivratri. Traditionally, it is used as a drink known as ‘bhang’. This usage outlines its acceptance in cultural norms. Additionally, ancient Indian texts cite cannabis for its medicinal benefits, showcasing its integral role in both traditional medicine and daily life.


What Are The Laws About Weed In India?

The main law regarding that would be the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act of 1985. This act largely deals with the resin and flowers emanating from the cannabis plant, while importantly, in case the same is used in bhang, it exempts the leaves and seeds. However, the laws from one state to another differ: for example, Odisha allows the growing of cannabis, while Uttarakhand has even legalized the commercial farming of hemp, which is mainly used for industrial applications.

The Legalization Debate Goes On

The discussion around legalizing cannabis in India is layered with complexity. While there are people stating the points to probable medical benefits, economic reasons, and the drop in crimes associated with black market trafficking, their counterparts argue with equal value concerns for possible health impacts and broader social problems. All that has kept changing in this scenario is the legal landscape with ongoing court cases where the activists challenge the standing prohibitions.

Though recreational use is still restricted, very slowly the acceptance of this plant for medicinal and industrial purposes is taking place. The Indian government, among others, has realized the medicinal value, and thus, recently, India has opened its first medical cannabis clinic and witnessed many startups dealing in hemp-based products come up. These advancements indicate a shift towards recognizing the plant’s beneficial uses, particularly through medically sanctioned oils and proteins.


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