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J Banerjee & Co, Advocates

J Banerjee & Co., Advocates is a prominent multi-disciplinary law firm based in Kolkata, India. Established and led by Jaya Banerjee, the firm has carved out a niche in various legal domains, particularly in trademarks,  copyright, design, criminal matters, writs, service matters, divorce matters and cheque bounce matters.​​. The firm’s official website,, highlights its commitment to providing comprehensive legal services to both local and international clients, ensuring robust legal representation and advocacy.

J Banerjee & CoThe firm offers a wide array of services, including estate planning, employment law, and intellectual property consultations. Their approach to employment law involves drafting detailed employment contracts, developing workplace policies, ensuring compliance with labor laws, and managing disputes and grievances effectively​​. In the realm of intellectual property, they emphasize the importance of copyright protection and offer detailed guidance on navigating the legal complexities surrounding creative works​​.

J Banerjee & Co. prides itself on its client-centered philosophy, viewing legal representation not just as a service but as a promise to protect and empower their clients. They aim to be legal champions for individuals and businesses, offering unwavering support and strategic legal solutions. The firm’s dedication to excellence and client satisfaction has positioned them as one of the top corporate law firms in Kolkata​.

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  • Head Office: 16, Dr Suresh Sarkar Rd, Entally, Kolkata, West Bengal 700014
  • Mobile: +91-9748231841

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