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Top US Official States India’s TikTok Ban Aids Legal Battle Against Chinese App

As per the FCC chief Brendan Carr, United States is getting a strong stand in the country’s legal case against Tiktok, because of the ban that India has imposed already on the social media app. It is important to mention here that FCC or the Federal Communications Commission happens to be one independent agency from the Government of United States that deals with the netaionwide regulations onf TV, radio, satellite, wire and cable.

TikTok Ban

The US lately signed the new TikTok legislation, in which the app will be forced to leave the country if its Chinese parent firm, ByteDance, continues not to divest total control. With such legislation, a legal battle is likely to emerge, with the TikTok CEO, Shou Zi Chew, making the company’s commitment clear to stay, citing the support of facts and the US Constitution. Similarly, ByteDance stated that it has no plans to sell TikTok.

However, this reliance by TikTok on the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, that guarantees freedom of speech, is challenged. Its opponents are debating this issue on the argument of national security, claiming this is an issue that is not governed by constitutional rights.

Carr pointed out that India’s ban on TikTok could prove pivotal in US legal action. He speculated that TikTok could take a position that the US’s position was isolated anti-China sentiment, dismissing perceived threats. But the fact that India, a country with strict policies on foreign apps and free speech, banned could undermine that position. Carr reported that India’s action could figure large in US court filings, thus highlighting a wider, international fear of TikTok operations.

It is a part of a global play against Chinese tech companies, a reference to the ban in India being a calculated move by US authorities to make it a global issue that would, in return, transcend one country. The gambit is in the legal realm, where it becomes far easier to make a case for expulsion of the app from the US market, putting it within the comfort zone of global concerns by multiple countries. The meeting point of national security and constitutional rights is bound to gain its spotlight in the discussion as the legal battle for the future of TikTok unfolds in the United States.


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