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India’s New AI Law: Safeguarding Content Creators’ Rights in This Digital Age

The Indian government’s announcement of a new law on artificial intelligence (AI) has drawn a bunch of support from all across the globe. This law is designed to protect the rights of content creators who publish news. The worry now turns to copyright issues, with the ever-growing increase in AI-created content, which quite literally has the potential to change the publishing world.

This new law intends to strike a proper balance: it comes with the intention to continue boosting the development of tech while assuring full rights to the creator of the content. “This effort might turn into its own law or be part of the upcoming Digital India Bill,” said IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw. If that be so, it indeed would hold importance because the current IT Act is 24 years old and needs an update very desperately. The main focus of this new law is to make sure that the money made from AI technologies is fairly shared with news publishers and content creators. It also supports the aspect of innovation.


Legal experts believe this move is very timely and necessary to introduce now.

They point out that India currently doesn’t have laws that cover how generative AI models and copyright law overlap. And most of you may have already heard of the big legal battles of the world: The New York Times against OpenAI, right? Well, that’s how necessary it is to draw clear rules of the game.

This aspect has, of course, been forthcoming in the sense that the EU AI Act requires that AI models must comply with EU copyright law and mandates them to publish even detailed summaries of the content used for training their large language model or any other AI model for that matter. The country is on the verge of rolling out its own legislation. This new rule aims to thoroughly examine the way AI uses copyrighted works to see if it steps over the line.

There’s a word of caution from experts about making these laws too strict or limiting AI’s creative potential. They argue that it will tip the scale in favor of content creators but also at the same time not be detrimental to AI developers. This is how the Indian government would get involved with all the stakeholders and delve into the complex web of AI development and its uses. The idea would be to set up rules that not only speak to the risks but also fuel India’s innovation. As we go forward to this new chapter of how content is made, this law is a milestone to make sure the leap in technology doesn’t leave behind the rights of creators. What needs to be done is a search for the right mix aka balance, a proper order/law but one that is supremely critical for the healthy growth of this field and the wider digital world.


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