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Is Car Modification Legal In India?

See, in a way, car modification is legal, but the real question you should be asking is to what extent is it legal? Like, many car modifications are straight-up illegal, such as 100% tinted windows. So, let’s understand the laws regarding this, what modifications are perfectly fine and what should you avoid. Here we go.

In India, the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, is kind of an active rulebook that sets down administrative standards for car modification right here in the country. The regulations are made for the purpose that the car being used is safe and does not spoil the environment with its modifications. Further, the RTO checks all modifications for compliance with such rules.

Car Modification

What Counts As Legal Car Modifications In India?

See, you can change your car’s color or add a body wrap, but then you will require RTO approval, especially in the case when the change has an impact on your car’s official registration details. It’s okay to add things such as spoilers and skirts from aftermarket body kits as long as they don’t mess with the structure of the car or safety. Also, you can modify your car to perform better, like tuning the engine or adding some kind of exhaust system, as long as they meet the rules of emissions. It’s also okay to adjust the suspension if it doesn’t lower the safety or performance of the car. Inside the car, you may improve the seats, or add a better sound system, as long as it does not compromise the safety of the car. You can legally add new security features like parking sensors, rearview cameras, and extra airbags.

Then What Are The Unlawful Car Modifications?

Some of these changes may be dangerous, such as weakening the structure of the car, and these are not allowed. You shall not make changes to the main frame of the car or its structure. You shall also not exchange the engine unless allowed to do so. It is unlawful to use colors like military green, and it is against the law. Excessive dark tint that blocks vision is also against the law because it can make driving unsafe. Illegal modifications include any change that goes against the rule, for example, fixing a very loud exhaust system. This can pose difficulties in relation to your car’s insurance and warranty. The illegal changes can result in fines, legal problems, or some loss relating to car insurance.


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