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Is It Legal To Grow Sandalwood In India?

The short and sweet answer to your question is Yes, it is perfectly legal to grow sandalwood in India, but, this is a huge but because you need a properly issued license to grow, cut, and transport sandalwood in the country. Talking about the laws, well, these laws regarding sandalwood can vary state by state, so you must check for what your state laws say about this. Let’s dive deeper and look at this whole thing more closely, shall we?

See, we all know that Sandalwood is famous for its pleasant smell and health benefits. The government rules were too strict for growing sandalwood trees earlier. But nowadays, the rules are getting loose. Common people and even farmers are getting the freedom to grow sandalwood. The laws now help support sandalwood farming under some conditions. These conditions ensure that farming is done right and in turn, also protect both the farmers and the environment.


State-Specific Regulations

It is kind of true that every state in India has its own set of rules for growing sandalwood. For example, Karnataka has introduced the Karnataka State Sandalwood Policy 2022. Other states, such as Tamil Nadu and Kerala, have certain rules and laws. Similarly, if you want to grow sandalwood, you will first have to know all those rules too.

License Process for Setting up Sandalwood

In order to raise sandalwood within the premises of India, a person has to obtain the required license from the government. For the same, they must have to get in touch with the State Forest Department or the Central Government accordingly. They provide all the necessary details and the procedure to apply for a license to cultivate sandalwood. They may give a comprehensive plan such as the number of trees that shall be planted and the place where such plantation is intended to be done and other necessary details. If they accept your plan, you shall be accorded the necessary licenses for planting, cutting, and transporting sandalwood.

Growing sandalwood can earn you lots of money since it is in high demand, both in the local and international markets. With the government also offering its support through different benefits, sandalwood farming is a good business. Farmers can earn huge amounts, and more so when the trees are aged, since sandalwood is the main ingredient in the making of perfumes, beauty products, and traditional medicinal products.


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