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Is It Legal To Carry Alcohol On The Train?

The short and sweet answer to your question is: it is illegal to carry alcohol on the train in India. There are actually specific laws that prohibit people from doing such things while they are using public transport. But if you want to deeply understand why there are such restrictions, and the state-specific rules and regulations regarding this, then keep on reading. That’s because we’ll be diving deeper into this topic and clearing all your doubts. Alright, here we go now.

Alcohol Laws in India

India’s liquor laws are a bit of a mixed bag. The constitution vests the right of making its own set of rules in each state, with the same argument that what is a pass or allowed in one state might not be in another. In places like Gujarat, Bihar, Lakshadweep, and Nagaland in India, alcohol is a big no-no. You simply can’t buy or sell it, let alone drink it. But in other states where alcohol is permitted, you can easily grab a drink from any number of licensed shops, restaurants, and bars.

Do Trains Allow You to Drink?

Okay, let’s be clear about one thing: carrying alcohol on trains in India is strictly prohibited as per The Railway Act, 1989. This prohibits many alcoholic beverages being carried on the railways so peace and enjoyment can be maintained during travel. There’s a good chance you could be fined or even put in jail for carrying alcohol on a train. The railway authorities do not consider it lightly, this applies to all sorts of alcohol, beer, wine, and spirits.


What Are The State-Level Rules About It?

If at all you are traveling through states with prohibition on alcohol, Gujarat and Bihar to name a few, do not even dream of making your train journey carrying alcohol in your luggage. You could land in serious trouble. In those states where alcohol is not prohibited, you can carry a maximum of 2 liters of alcohol by train, but rules are rules: the bottles must be sealed and out of sight.

And yes, transporting alcohol across state lines can be tricky. Within a legal state, you’re generally good if you don’t break the rules. But be careful if you’re headed to an illegal state. You can only bring a small amount for personal use and it must be sealed. If you need to carry more, you need permission from the Excise Officer of that state.

Tips for Train Travelers

If you intend to carry alcohol onto a train, abide by the rules to prevent running into trouble. Know the laws in the states and stay within the limits. If permissible, stick to 2 liters and keep bottles sealed and concealed. It is better if you do not drink on the train or at the railway stations and do not open the bottles. If there is a higher requirement, ensure permission is taken from the excise officer. These rules help in ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.


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