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Is It Legal To Marry Your Sister In India?

Simply put, marrying your sister or sibling is clearly forbidden and illegal in India. But yes, there is more to it than you think. Like, there are special laws regarding this, and you should get to know those before you form any conclusion on your own. Let’s get to just that, shall we?

What Laws Are There Regarding Marrying Your Sister?

See, each and every religion has separate laws for marriage in India. However, general laws also follow that must be adhered to by all. One such law, the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, clearly states that marriages between siblings, including brothers and sisters, are not allowed. Another law, the Special Marriage Act of 1954, which applies to all Indians no matter their religion, also bans marriage between direct relatives like siblings.

Marry Your Own Sister

These rules help to keep some order in society and prevent the marriage of close relatives, which can stop health problems in children born of such marriages.

The system of marriage in India is very much culturally shaped with some legal rules. Laws are clear, but in some parts, local traditions, especially in rural or tribal areas of India, may differ. These local customs can even break the marriages not allowed by the main laws, showing the mix of old traditions and modern rules in the varied cultures of India.

However, some exceptions are there under the Special Marriage Act. This law can make some exceptions if local traditions clearly support such marriages besides not allowing marriages between close relations like siblings. Now, for these exceptions to be valid, official recognition by the state government is needed, rarely done, and strictly controlled.

But yes, a look at research indicates that children of such marriages could be at an enhanced risk of having certain genetic disorders. In essence, the laws prohibiting marriage among closely related family members reflect not only cultural and social norms but also aspects of health and safety. Compare the Indian laws that restrict the marriage of close relatives with those in several other countries, and one does find restrictions or prohibitions on marriage with close relatives in lots of places, though the fine print may be different.

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