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Is Your Car’s LED Headlight Legal? Gujarat Prohibited to Unapproved LEDs

Driving in Gujarat? Unauthorized White LED Headlights Now Prohibited

In an attempt to improve road safety, Gujarat has clearly taken a very proactive stand against the use of unauthorized white LED car headlights. This had to be issued by the Commissionerate of Transport of the Government of Gujarat after numerous complaints and after hearing concerns that these glaring lights might be a hazard for drivers coming from the opposite direction.

White LED Headlights

Lately, the trend of fitting white LED headlights is being seen as a great risk to safety. In most cases, these types of lights are brighter than general headlights, hence, they normally tend to dazzle and, in some cases, blind drivers. This glare significantly increases the chances of an accident and makes the road not safe for everybody.

Now the transport department is set to enforce much tougher rules on this case. The car owners with the unauthorized lights could attract a fine. The rule not only stops the use of these lights but also targets auto accessory shops that sell and fit these illegal lights. The Ahmedabad Regional Transport Office (RTO) has launched special enforcement drives to trace and fine cars having these unauthorized headlights. Part of the drive is being done through a wider plan, which all regional transport offices of the state shall follow. They need to carry out these checks and report back on actions taken, to make sure the new safety rules are followed.

This is the level of seriousness the state shows toward its efforts to make travel along its roads safer. Thus, because the glare of unauthorized headlights can even cause deadly accidents, their significant decline concerning this risk is important. Directly addressing this very problem, Gujarat hopes to make for a safer driving environment that has fewer distractions and dangers from overly bright car lights.

If you are driving or the owner of a vehicle in Gujarat, then be sure to follow this new rule. Making sure that you update your lights avoids fines and makes everyone work together hand in hand to ensure that roads are safe. This move of the Gujarat government reinstates in our mind how important the proper maintenance of vehicles and following the road safety rules are toward preventing road accidents and yes, saving lives.


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