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Is It Legal To Use Sun Shade In A Car?

Well, it is illegal to use sunshade in a car, especially on the drive side of the windows and on the windshield of the car. Similarly, there are laws regarding tinted glass as well, so if you are going with that as an alternative, you must consider reading this post until the very end. Let’s get to know these laws in a better way.

Use Sun Shade In A Car

First Of All, What’s The Difference Between Sun Shades and Tinted Glass?

Simply put, sun shades and tinted glass both help block out the sun, but they serve different purposes, have different functions, and are regulated under different laws or rules. Sun shades are those nifty, removable screens or curtains you put inside your window to block the sun, reduce glare, and keep your car cooler. Tinted glass, meanwhile, involves applying a permanent film to your car windows to reduce the amount of light coming through. So yes, they are pretty much two different things, and that’s why there are different rules for them in India.

What’s the Law in India About Sun Shades?

If you live in India, you pretty much know how bad the traffic on the roads can be. One way to keep you alert and awake on the streets is the intense sunlight shining in your car throughout the day. The Motor Vehicles Act states that any material on your car windows that significantly cuts down visibility is a no-go. This means you can’t use dark sunshades or heavy tints while driving. Specifically, your windscreen and rear window must let at least 70% of light through, and side windows must allow 50% of light.

These laws have been applied to make sure that the drivers on the road can clearly see the lights of cars so that no accident may be caused. If you have sun shades or tints in the windows of your car which do not meet the required standards then you could be subject to fines or other legal consequences, you know?

The Supreme Court’s Take on Tinted Glass

You see, in April 2012, India’s Supreme Court ruled that no film that decreases visibility below the legal limit would be prohibited on the windows of cars and taxis. The court’s order was in the interest of improving visibility and, by extension, security. The judges maintained that any restricted visibility while driving makes it difficult to see and react to other road users and hard for police officers, needed from inside their car, to peer inside the vehicle.

So, using heavily tinted glass or dark sunshades is illegal. However, factory-fitted tinted glass that meets the light transmission requirements is allowed.

What Happens If You Break the Rules?

The authorities can very well fine you if you have been caught with illegal sun shades or heavy tinted glass. You will be fined approximately Rs. 100 to 500 for the first offense. Though, if you keep breaking the rules, the fines can get higher and your vehicle might even be impounded.

Keep in mind though, police regularly check vehicles and can issue fines on the spot if your windows don’t comply with the law. It’s best to stick to the rules to avoid these hassles.


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