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Is Prank Calling Illegal In India?

See, there is no specific law stating that prank calling is illegal in India, but if you prank call someone and that leads to some harm or anything like that to the other party, you’ll be guilty of that and there are literal legal consequences for that. Let’s understand that in a better way.

Prank Calling

Understanding The Legal Side Of Prank Calls In India

While the activity of prank calls may sound done just for some laughs, there does not exist a separate “Prank-calling Law” in India to deal specifically with this. However, in the cases of prank calls where the call ends up hurting or offending another person, you might be held responsible under different parts of the Indian Penal Code from 1860 and the Information Technology Act of 2000. The two most important considerations are the intent to do the harm and the actual infliction of the harm to decide if a prank call was a crime. This would imply that, though one had no intention to cause hurt to a person, one would be punishable for the act.

What Are The Other Relevant Laws and Regulations?

If your prank involves giving false information to a public official, like saying there’s a bomb when there isn’t, you could be charged under Section 182 of the IPC. Sharing anything which is deemed to be inappropriate will fall under section 294 of IPC and section 67 of IT Act. Other laws like 153, 153A, 295, and 295A of IPC deal with spreading lies or statements that can upset public order or hurt people’s religious feelings. These rules show how a simple prank can become a big legal issue.

There’s a difference between pranks that bother everyone and those that harm someone personally. The prank might be personal, and it may not come under the clutch of any of the criminal laws, but still, it may lead to a lawsuit under civil laws. If the prank is personal, it might not fall under criminal laws but could still lead to a lawsuit under civil laws. India’s legal system aims to be fair and just. For instance, people have really been charged in courts for making prank calls, say, like making fake emergencies. Such incidents make one realize that even that funny prank can have some severe consequences, depending on how the authorities and courts view it.

But yes, not all jokes or pranks land people in trouble with the law. For example, TV shows such as “Just for Laughs Gags” play pranks that are not meant to harm, and they always get permission from the people prior to airing. That’s what being open and getting permission does to help you out of any legal trouble.


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