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Is Modified Bike Legal In India?

The short and sweet answer to your question is Yes, modified bikes are legal in India, but to a certain extent only. See, a person can add some modifications to a bike lawfully. But they should be minor in nature, like changing the color of the bike, the addition of stickers, or adding some accessories that do not change the basic design or working of the bike. You can also make the engine better as long as the bike stays within the limits set by its maker.

Modified Bike

Rules for Modifying Bikes

India has strict laws about changing vehicles. The Motor Vehicles Act has clear rules that everyone must follow if they want to change or modify their bikes. Even the Supreme Court of India upheld these regulations, which stated that any modification that alters the bike from its original manufactured state is not allowed. This is to ensure that the changes will not impact the safety or good functioning of the bike.

How to Change a Bike the Legal Way

In any case, if a change is to be made to your bike; you have to get permission from the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to do so. You have to prove that, as said by the Automotive Research Authority of India (ARAI), the changes that you are making do not prove to be detrimental to either the safety of the bike or its design. Afterward, you have to make such changes to the registration certificate of your bike.

How to Legally Modify a Bike?

If you plan to modify your bike, you must first get permission from the Regional Transport Office (RTO). You need to show that your changes will not harm the bike’s safety or design as approved by the Automotive Research Authority of India (ARAI). After getting approval, you must update your bike’s registration certificate to show these changes.

See, many bikers in India personalize their motorcycles according to their use or to improve performance. Legal changes often include using better tires or improving the suspension for easier handling. Some also repaint their bikes. All these changes, however, have to be legit so that some change does not result in paying fines. In some cases, illegal changes lead to huge fines or the taking away of the bike. If you are a biker Always consult the RTO with regard to the changes that are allowed in your bike, as it is considered illegal. In the event that any changes have been made, notify your insurance company as to whether the insurance is still valid.


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