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What Law Against Cutting Trees In India?

With the environmental concerns out there, do you think it is super easy to cut down a tree, especially right here in India? Well, think again. That’s because there are really specific and strict laws regarding that in India. And if you are here to know what are the specific laws against cutting trees in India, then keep on reading because that’s precisely what we’ll be talking about. Here we go.

Cutting Trees

What Are The Specific Laws Against Cutting Trees In India?

See, there are some actual and firm laws against tree cutting in India, and these are only there to make sure our trees and forests stay safe. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Indian Forest Act, 1927

This rule looks after our forests. Without asking anyone, if someone cuts a tree, then they might have to pay Rs. 10,000 or land in jail for 3 months. But what if you want to cut a tree?

You need to tell the Forest Department first with an application that includes your details and a picture of the tree.

2. Forest Conservation Act, 1980

This ensures the forest is safe, and the balance of nature. In other words, it says the forest should only be used for stuff related to forests unless there is a very important reason.

3. Wildlife Protection Act, 1972

This specific law is there to make sure the homes of animals are safe in the wild and to prevent wildlife from any harm, especially from the human race. Above all, the trees there are extra special. This rule will protect the trees and mentions that any type of damage or injury to those trees will break the law.

4. Section 228 of the Indian Penal Code

According to this law, cutting or taking a tree by any person without the permission of the government, local group, or Gram Panchayat, then they have to pay the value of the tree along with other fines. However, the government can take the tree or any parts of it that were cut.

What Is The Process If You Want To Cut A Tree Or Two In India?

Wondering how to get approval for cutting down a tree? Well, here’s a simple guide:

  • Apply: First up, write an application to the Forest Department narrating reasons as to why it needs to be chopped down. Be sure to attach proof of the land and even attach a photo of the tree concerned with the issue.
  • Wait for an Inspection: A Forest Officer comes to have a look next. He will be the one to decide if the tree-cutting is OK or not.
  • Receive Permission: If the officer gives the green light, you’ll get the official go-ahead to cut the tree.

Remember, each step is going to be important in ensuring that you are sticking to the rules. Keep that simple, and you can easily get through this process and will be able to cut down the tree that is in the way of something, like some important construction, or it could be that the tree is old and there is a risk of it falling onto your property or something like that.


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