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What Law Against Animal Cruelty in India?

Animal cruelty is a worldwide problem, but you’ll be glad to know that there are special laws in India that are there to make sure to prevent such a thing from happening. Sure, these things still happening, but at least with these laws in place and with the help of fully aware people, we can keep it to the bare minimum. Alright, now let’s see what are some of the laws against animals cruelly in India, shall we?

Animal Cruelty

Constitutional Provisions and Fundamental Duties

Our Constitution works rather like an instruction book that helps the country run its functions. Inside this instruction book is one part, special and telling every man and woman of India that, “Yes, you do have some duty toward the animals and the environment.” This became an official duty for all of us after a major update in 1976.

1. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (PCA)

It is the government that introduced this law in 1960, keeping an eye on avoiding cruelty towards animals. This law protects animals from being harmed unnecessarily. This law is safeguarded under the Animal Welfare Board of India. They guide in the proper care of animals and also ensure that there is no one who is mistreating them. It sets in several ways in which animals are not supposed to be treated, such as not being fed, being hurt, or being used for too much work. If someone violates this law, they could be fined or even imprisoned.

2. The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972

The Act of 1972 is laid with the intention to protect wild animals along with their habitat. The Act does not allow hunting or trading of wild animals. Severe punishments, including fines and imprisonments, are to be meted out to persons who harm wildlife, i.e., poachers and illegal traders. Over the years, this law has been strengthened to better combat wildlife crimes.

In India, courts often handle cases related to animal welfare. These decisions help clarify and strengthen the laws. For example, a landmark judgment supports the right to feed street dogs and affirms legal backing for animal care.

How Can You Report and Take Action Against Cruelty In India?

In case you find such incidents of cruelty to animals, there are actions you can take. You can report them either to the police or to some organizations dealing with animals, for example, to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or other animal welfare NGOs. It serves as a reminder of the participation of such groups, which can intervene and act against the people who are harming these animals. People should actually remain vigilant and support animal protection by any means necessary. Though India has got very strong laws for the protection of animals, there is a challenge. The enforcement of the laws, many a time, does not get up to the mark. Many people believe that harsher penalties for animal cruelty could deter such behavior more effectively.


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