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What Law Against Noisy Neighbours in India?

In India, people really can be noisy sometimes, and it could be that they don’t even realize how noisy they are being and disturbing others’ mental peace. Well, if in your neighborhood, you are having such an issue for quite a while now, then you must take some legal action against it or else you’ll have to endure it for god knows how long. That’s precisely why we are here with a post that’ll let you know about all the laws against noisy neighbours in India. So let’s get started with this one.

Noisy Neighbours

What Exactly Is Considered Noise Pollution in India?

Noise pollution takes place when the noise in our environment crosses a level like discomfort, unruliness, and, possibly, harm to one’s mental and physical health. It could be loud music from the neighbours, party sounds, or building work noise that denies you peace either in relaxing or focusing. But, you see, in India, noise pollution is quite common because of things like events, traffic, and yes, noisy neighbours.

Some Laws In Place Against Noisy Neighbours In India

1. Indian Penal Code (IPC) Provisions: Under Section 268, there is an example of “Public Nuisance.” This law is aimed to prevent a person from regularly playing loud drums or sounds and disturbing everybody. There is a provision to the tune of a fine of Rs. 200 under section 290, for a person creating such disturbances continuously. It’s a way to say, “Keep the noise down, or you will have to pay.”

2. Noise Pollution Rules: Set in 2000, these rules help keep our environment quiet. For example, loudspeakers should not be used in any area from 10 pm to 6 am to ensure each and everybody has peace in their sleep. The rules also specify how loud the noises are supposed to be in sensitive areas to maintain a calm environment.

3. Police Act, 1861: According to this act, police have been given the power to control loud events, which are held without due permission. Besides, this act also has fines for non-adherence to noise rules.

4. Constitutional Provisions: Article 21 allows the right to live in peace. Noise during late or early hours can disturb the right to sleep and hence prove a violation of the right provided by this article. Other than that, the Article 25 provides for the enjoyment of religion but not in a way that the festivities of one’s religion disturb another with loud noises.

Steps to Take Against Noisy Neighbours

Before you do anything drastic, it’s a wise move to simply speak with your neighbour about the noise. They may not be aware that they are causing some noise, and a nice, friendly chat may clear the air. If it’s past bedtime when the noise starts, or in any way, it sounds improper to you, please contact the police by dialing 100. If the noise is related to construction or the source of the noise isn’t stated, please contact your local city/town authorities; they are in a position to help. For serious situations, like deliberate noise that harms your property, legal action is an option based on the laws we mentioned.


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