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What Law If My Dog Bites Someone In India?

There are many dog lovers in India, and some of these people do keep dangerous dog breeds as pets. And if that makes you wonder like what if their dog bites someone, what then? Well, worry not, if such a thing happens, the victim is able to take legal action against the pet owner in India. And if you want to know what are the laws regarding that, then just keep on reading.


What’s the Law for Dog Bites in India?

India has its rules dealing with situations when pets, like dogs, harm people. Before, there was a rule in the Indian Penal Code (section 289) talking about pet attacks. Now, under Section 291 of the BNS (Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita) Act, if the pet owned by a person harms anyone, it shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term that may extend to six months or with a fine that may extend to ₹5,000, or with both. This is a law of common sense that those who own pets have to keep their pets from hurting people at all costs.

What Dog Owners Need to Do?

The new law places lots of demands on whoever keeps a pet. The law provides that one has to ensure that his or her dog is vaccinated and, when out, kept on a leash. It’s really about stopping any harm your pet might cause to others. Legal experts say this is the best way to avoid any legal trouble with the law. They also suggest that one knows and follows the local area regulations about pets.

How to Keep Things Safe?

For you, the owner, and everybody around you, including your pet, here are a few of the things you should do. Ensuring that the dog is up to date with all shots and has undergone all health checks to avoid some diseases that may make them aggressive. Another very important thing is training your dog to know how he/she should behave with people and other animals from when your dog is still young. These steps also protect people from your pet and keep your pet from situations that can cause trouble for you.

Important Legal Cases

In fact, there have even been instances in India that have gone on to reach the court, where a pet owner was held responsible when their pet went on to injure someone. These set a case of precedence of how the law views pet attacks: that it is a serious offense. They remind pet owners that they are wholly responsible for whatever their pet does. It will ensure that this court decision goes far in assuring the public, who get to realize the importance and necessity of preventing such attacks from pets.

What If You’re Hurt by a Dog?

Indian law permits an individual bitten by a dog to file a lawsuit in order to get some help with their injuries and other losses from the attack, such as medical bills and trauma. This part of the law serves to help individuals who have been injured get the support they need and in most cases, pet owners may be punished for actions done by their pets because of their irresponsible behavior.


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