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Corporate Lawyer Salary in India

You may have heard people say that corporate lawyers make good money in India, but how good are we actually talking about here? You see, if you have what it takes, like the expertise, knowledge and of course, experience, then you can easily make even more than 50 lakhs per year. But that’s just for the experienced corporate lawyers out there. Wondering how much you’d get paid as a beginner or mid-level corporate lawyer? Well then keep on reading today’s post because here we will be taking a good look at the latest stats about corporate lawyer salary in India as of 2024. Here we go.

Corporate Lawyer

Who Is A Corporate Lawyer?

A corporate lawyer is a professional who practices in the area of corporate law and attends to the legal needs of businesses. In a way, a business is more like one big machine with a lot of its parts: a corporate lawyer does their best to ensure that all these parts work properly together by means of legal paperwork, advice on business decisions, and adherence to laws and rules by the business. In addition, they help solve problems when things do go southways, for instance, in disputes, or when the business wants to make a deal with another company. So, in short, a corporate lawyer can be considered the legal helpline and advisor for a business.

Average Salaries Across Different Career Stages

  • Corporate Lawyers at Entry Level: The starting salary in India for entry-level corporate lawyers ranges from ₹3.9 LPA to ₹5.7 LPA. This represents the pay scale of corporate lawyers with zero to three years of experience, who are generally either assisting or acquiring basic skills from senior corporate lawyers.
  • Corporate Lawyers of Mid-level: Corporate lawyers with 4 to 7 years of experience will get salaries in the range of ₹ 5.9 LPA to ₹ 20.4 LPA. Factors coming into play will be the size and reputation of the firm, the complexity of cases, and individual expertise. With this much salary and experience, you are expected to manage significant parts of larger transactions or smaller deals from a lead position.
  • Senior-Level Corporate Lawyers: Senior corporate lawyers, with over eight years in the sector, make anywhere between ₹10.5 LPA and upwards of ₹50 LPA. They are closely involved in strategic legal planning and pivotal decision processes besides leading negotiations in high-profile cases. The salary range for a senior corporate lawyer is huge because it depends upon which law firm you are associated with, that’s the main bit.

Factors Influencing Corporate Lawyer Salaries

1. Experience Levels

By far the most influential factor that plays a role in how much salary you’ll get is for sure Experience. The salary might not be much when you start out but grows nicely with years under your belt. The expected salary for entry-level professionals, with a maximum of 2 years of experience, varies between ₹3.9 LPA and ₹5.7 LPA. And that can go as high as ₹10.5 LPA and over ₹50 LPA if you have more than 8 or 10 years of experience. So no wonder being a corporate lawyer in India is super lucrative, but you must put in the effort, and gain skills and expertise over the years.

2. Geographical Differences

See, the place you work may also have a lot to do with how much you can make as a corporate lawyer. Major cities, like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, that serve as economic powerhouses, tend to pay more than most places. For example, in Chennai, salaries may go up to almost double the national average, which means high demand for this career and high cost of living in big cities. All in all, the equation is pretty simple, the better the demand for your skills and expertise in a city, the more money you’ll be making. You can’t just expect to make more in a city like Pune compared to Chennai, Mumbai or Bangalore.

3. Industry and Sector

Your place of work and the sector can also make a huge difference in the amounts you can earn. Corporate attorneys in the finance, pharmaceuticals, or technology sectors typically make more money because the sectors are complex and legally sensitive. Some very lucrative specializations can be done in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, and compliance, as these areas require specialized knowledge and skills, hence the high salaries.

4. Education and Specializations

And yes, specializations do have an influence on the career as well as the money that you are going to make in this field. A reputable university will provide a lead to starting at a good pay scale with a law degree. Secondly, with extra certifications or a master’s in law, especially in those specializations that are in high demand, for example, intellectual property or international law, the salary potential is likely to be boosted.

Salary by Company Type

  • Top-tier Law Firms: At well-known firms like Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co, and Khaitan & Co, the pay is really good. Senior lawyers can earn between ₹24 LPA to ₹60 LPA. These places require you to be very skilled and pay you well for your high level of expertise, besides the prestige of working there.
  • Mid-tier and Boutique Firms: The second type of firms includes smaller and more specialized firms, for example, Trilegal and Anand & Anand, and they also pay well. The amount being paid in this set is, however, subjective. The salaries vary, lying in the range of ₹12 LPA to ₹31.3 LPA, depending on what exactly does the firm deals with and, also, what type of a job within the firm you would be particularly interested in.
  • In-House Legal Departments: Many large companies often have in-house legal departments to be able to deal with their legal matters internally. They may provide relatively stable incomes with benefits for an in-house practice of law at similar or competitive levels with what law firms offer, although, in many cases, there will be a difference in work-life balance.


That’s all there is for now. As you saw, for sure, being a corporate lawyer is a lucrative thing in India, but you must choose the right career path and keep on gaining more and more experience. That’s the way forward.


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