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Different Types of Lawyers in India and Their Roles

You see, if someone says to you that they are a lawyer, the very next question you jump to is: Well, what kind of a lawyer you are? Right? Well, you’ll be quite shocked to know that there are as many as 20 different types of lawyers to represent individuals, a group of people or organizations/businesses. And if you want to know what each of these different types of lawyers are involved in, especially in a country like India, then you shouldn’t be missing out on today’s post. Here we will be taking a good look at the different types of lawyers in India and their roles. Alright, here we go now.

Major Types of Lawyers in India And Their Responsibilities

1. Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer

First are criminal lawyers who represent individuals or organizations charged with committing crimes. They research legal literature and prepare documents, gather evidence, and negotiate settlements on possible pleas, appearing in court to represent their clients. Their major task is to ensure their clients get a fair trial and their rights are protected. Criminal lawyers can either work as public defenders, or private defense attorneys or even prosecute for the state.

2. Civil Attorneys

Civil Attorneys

Civil lawyers deal with disputes between people, organizations, and entities that are not criminal. They file lawsuits, draft legal papers, negotiate settlements, and represent clients in a civil court. Simply put, they aim to resolve conflicts and seek compensation or other remedies for the client. Civil lawyers deal in property disputes, breach of contracts, or family disputes, or personal injuries.

3. Corporate Lawyers

Corporate Lawyer

Corporate lawyers are those who businesses turn to for all their legal needs. In this regard, they prepare and negotiate contracts, ensure all laws and regulations are followed, make sure mergers and acquisitions go as smoothly as possible, and represent the business in other forms of legal issues. They are involved with business transactions, corporate governance, intellectual property, and issues of compliance with various regulations. These lawyers get paid good amount as a fees.

4. Family Attorneys

Family Attorneys

And you see, family attorneys deal with matters that revolve around family. They address issues in divorce, custody of children, adoption, and cases involving domestic violence. As you can guess, they assist and offer vital legal assistance to individuals and families. They are out to settle family disputes and ensure that the rights and well-being of their clients are covered.

5. Tax Attorneys

Tax Attorneys

On one hand, tax lawyers or attorneys are responsible for the study, interpretation, and application of all legal aspects concerning tax planning, compliance, and disputes, meanwhile, on the other hand, they help individuals and companies to interpret many tax laws and prepare their tax returns. A tax attorney represents clients during tax audits and appeals, which need to be settled.

6. Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual Property Lawyers

You see, intellectual property attorneys do their best to protect their client’s interests in terms of their intellectual property. They research, write, and review contracts, and, on behalf of their clients, they settle legal disputes about patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. All in all, their role is to protect the creativity and innovation of both individuals and enterprises.

7. Environmental Lawyers

Environmental Lawyers

Environmental lawyers guarantee that businesses adhere to the legal line with their operations, handle suits regarding pollution, climate change, and management of natural resources, and many other lawsuits. They prepare contracts and review them, and counsel and negotiate between different parties, and are in court representing clients in matters regarding environmental damage. All in all, they take up issues to do with pollution control, environmental impact assessment, wildlife, and land use.

8. Labor and Employment Lawyers

The issues dealt with by labor and employment lawyers include conflicts at workplaces, discrimination, wage issues, and employees’ rights in employment. They will advise on the employment laws, formulate the contracts of employment, and bargain on the settlements. They resolve the conflicts between employers and employees so that fairness can be maintained in the workplace or work environment.

9. Immigration Lawyers

. Immigration Lawyers

These professionals help their clients solve immigration problems as well as apply for visas. They represent clients in the immigration courts and assist in working through the legal requirements to obtain residency, work, or study visas. And yes, they offer advice on matters dealing with the immigration form process while at the same time representing clients in matters dealing with immigration proceedings. This, therefore, ensures that the client meets the legal terms of living and working in a new country.

Specialized Areas of Practice

1. Cyber Lawyer

Cyber attorneys deal with crimes linked to the internet, such as hacking, online fraud, and intellectual property theft. They do security violation/breach investigations, document and report security violations, and represent clients in such matters in court. These attorneys will represent clients in cyber-space matters to protect their digital assets and ensure that, in principle, their representation is within the law regarding cybersecurity. Cyber lawyers usually deal with cases related to software piracy and hacking, credit card fraud, and cases of cyber-attack.

2. Public Interest Lawyers

Public interest lawyers seek to achieve civil rights and matters of interest to the public, often representing marginalized individuals. They represent clients who face discrimination, violation of human rights, and failure to access their public benefits. Such lawyers defend the client in court proceedings in the quest for fairness to all, you know? Public interest lawyers work on cases to do with infringement on civil rights, housing disputes, labor rights, and the right to access healthcare and education too.

3. Medical Malpractice Lawyers

These types of lawyers represent clients injured by health care providers in surgical errors, wrong diagnoses, delays in treatment, and lack of informed consent. Their main goal is to help a client get compensation for their suffering from a medical error.

Other Types Of Specific Lawyers:

  • Estate planning lawyers
  • Worker’s compensation lawyer
  • Merger and acquisition lawyer
  • Bankruptcy lawyers
  • Securities lawyer
  • Military lawyers
  • Contract lawyers
  • Government lawyers


That’s all there is for now. So, next time whenever someone says to you that they are a lawyer, and they tell you what type of a lawyer they are in India, you’ll know precisely what they do and who they represent in the legal system. Correct?


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