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Delhi Court Denies Kejriwal More Legal Meetings Amid Excise Case Controversy

Recently, something big happened involving Arvind Kejriwal’s case, who has been in ED custody because of a legal issue.

Arvind Kejriwal is in a bit of trouble because of accusations related to Delhi’s alcohol policy for 2021-22, which is no longer in effect. He has asked for the court to see his lawyers more, wanting to increase the number of meetings to not twice, but five times every week. This plea was made on March 21 after he was taken into arrest by the Enforcement Directorate (ED), later judicial custody starting from April 1. In his plea before the court, Kejriwal stated that he required more time with his lawyers, stating that he has about 35 to 40 cases that are against him and the current time isn’t enough for proper deliberations and planning.

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However, the plea was not accepted by the court, as stated by Special Judge Kaveri Baweja. The order came partly on account of ED not wanting him to have those extra meetings. They said that being a government official should not have it easy or be treated specially. They also have fears that he may use those legal meetings for purposes other than just taking legal advice, like giving instructions through his lawyers.

This is not the first time that the court ruled against Kejriwal. On the prior occasion, the court had dismissed his challenge against the arrest and refused the plea of the ED for custodial interrogation of him. The ED said Kejriwal was part of a plan which involved a bribe to the tune of ₹100 crore, concerning changes in the alcohol policy. These are the charges that must be taken seriously.

This situation doesn’t just involve Kejriwal. Other leaders from his party, such as former Deputy CM Manish Sisodia or MP Sanjay Singh, are also caught up in the issues related to the alcohol policy.

This has one looking very closely at how the courts balance someone’s rights against allegations of wrongdoings, more so when big names in the government are at the center. As the story unfolds, it tends to paint a continuous struggle between politics, the law, and the process that tries to maintain all things clear in the workings of government. Watching how this case unfolds becomes a game between the exercise of justice and, at the same time, seeing through the democratic process, which is incredibly important for the nation. So, stay tuned to see what happens next.


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